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Basic information about Complex Projekt

Historical overview

The company employs 50 people that are experienced design engineers as well young engineers that are willing to learn and implement new technologies in the design process.


From the beginning dated back to 1986, our attention has been paid to the harmonious development of employees by combining experience of the senior engineers with the enthusiasm of junior engineers. In order to ensure that this model works, a permanent employment of experienced staff with the highest qualifications is required. From the very beginning, COMPLEX PROJEKT Ltd employed engineers with the practical ability to apply numerical software in design.


The first major design experience of a significant scale of difficulty was the design of the southern bypass road of Cracow completed in years 1997 – 1999. The terrain of the motorway was characterized by a very rich technical infrastructure and wetlands with presence of organic soils. In order to eliminate expensive land replacement, a unique method, “filtration consolidation”, along with the simultaneous temporary overloading of the embankments were applied to strengthen the ground underneath the motorway. The project was completed under the supervision of the renowned British company Atkins, which, acting on behalf of the European Commission, supervised the works to ensure European standards.


A significant experience in the history of Complex Projekt was to design a concept (in a detailed phase) of the first in Poland, 800 m long, road tunnel in Poland in the mountain area in Laliki along the future expressway S69. The tunnel was designed according to the New Austrian Tunnelling method.


A section of A1 motorway from Swierklany to the border with Czech Republic was designed in years 2004 – 2006. Part of the main route and interchanges are located on mining areas. The entire route was designed on a very difficult and geotechnically diverse terrain. Different technological methods to strengthen the ground underneath the motorway were used.


In years 2007 – 2009, a 15 km section of A1 motorway from Piekary Slaskie – Pyrzowice (airport) was designed. This section is located in areas of active mining operations and historical exploitation of ore. A strip of land of the motorway surface required a protection of large number of post-exploitative voids reaching considerable depth below the surface. The motorway was placed on special protecting structures and continuous monitoring of ground behaviour in sensitive areas was designed.


A vital experience of the company was a design of 70 km section of A4 motorway Tarnow – Rzeszow prepared in consortium which was leaded by COMPLEX PROJEKT. This section of the motorway was located in terrain of varying altitude and difficult geotechnical conditions.