Infrastructure and Environment Department

Infrastructure and Environment Department prepares designs in all phases ranging from design concept, preliminary and basic designs to building and executive designs.


This department consists of five teams divided into the following branches:



This branch is responsible for designs of: sanitary and rainwater sewerage, storage reservoirs, pump stations and sewage treatment plants.



This branch is responsible for designs of: waterworks distributions, industrial waterworks, main waterworks, fire protection tanks as well as water and sewerage installations in public facilities.



This branch is responsible for designs of: regulations of rivers and streams, ditches, canals and flood embankments, pump stations, storage reservoirs and ponds, damming and regulatory structures, agricultural melioration, agricultural and construction drainage as well as drainage excavations.



This branch is responsible for designs of: power lines (high, medium and low voltage), exterior lighting (including road lighting: streets, interchanges and tunnels), interior lighting (including public buildings, office buildings, stores and manufacturing facilities), emergency lighting, electrical installations in public buildings, electricity supply in new facilities and telecommunication infrastructure.



This branch is responsible for environmental impact reports, inventory of green, logging and planting plans as well as measurement of noise level.


In order to accomplish our tasks, design teams use the latest technical achievements and software. The main platform is software by Bentley and Autodesk. We also use the program PROFIL KOORDYNATOR (Polish) specially adapted by the authors from the company EPI-GRAF to the nature of work in COMPLEX PROJEKT.