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Basic information about Complex Projekt

Quality Policy

Client satisfaction is our greatest value and therefore we strive to implement, maintain and improve the Quality Management System according to

PN EN ISO 9001:2009. Through the Quality Management System, we would like to give our clients confidence that our services are compatible with current standards and law regulations at the technical, financial and time levels in order to satisfy the Client’s expectations.


In order to provide services in accordance with the Client’s requirements, we focus on:

  • constant cooperation
  • continuous improvement of our works
  • reliable and trusted subcontractors


The main objectives of the Company’s policy are:

  • maintaining the position among the six main companies on the Polish market from the range of design and consulting services as well as author’s and investor supervisions
  • full order book


Management Board is committed to providing the necessary resources to implement the adopted policy.

All employees of COMPLEX PROJEKT are responsible for the quality of work. Consistently and continually striving to improve the quality of services, we aim at full satisfaction of Client’s requirements.

All employees of COMPLEX PROJEKT are aware of the full responsibility for the quality of their work.


President of the Board

Stanisław Miłkowski