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The end of works on S-61 Stawiski – Szczuczyn


After more than two years of construction works, the Stawiski-Szczuczyn section of [...]

Complex Projekt initiates cooperation with Strabag


  The cooperation we undertook at the tender stage resulted in winning [...]

S-61 Suwałki-Budzisko with a decision on permission to implement a road investment


We are pleased to inform you that on 16 August 2021 the [...]

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Complex Projekt establish cooperation with Provincial Roads Administration in Olsztyn

On 14 April 2016, Complex Projekt Sp. z o.o. signed a contract with Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich w Olsztynie[1] for the preparation of complete design documentation in stage PB for nearly 40 km of the Provincial Road No. 651. Given the location of the road in the Natura 2000 site, this task will be demanding mainly in respect of environmental studies and the coordination of the design itself. We should complete the task within 26 months.

[1] Provincial Roads Administration in Olsztyn