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The end of works on S-61 Stawiski – Szczuczyn


After more than two years of construction works, the Stawiski-Szczuczyn section of [...]

Complex Projekt initiates cooperation with Strabag


  The cooperation we undertook at the tender stage resulted in winning [...]

S-61 Suwałki-Budzisko with a decision on permission to implement a road investment


We are pleased to inform you that on 16 August 2021 the [...]

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Complex Projekt – leader of the Consortium realising the monitoring of A1 motorway

With the decision of the Board of Consortium, Complex Projekt is the leader of the consortium realising the contract entitled: “Monitoring of the substrate of A1 motorway in the area of occurrence of terrain deformation caused by mining exploitation”. Within the contract, consortium, in addition to the monitoring of A1 motorway, will realise the extension of the existing substrate monitoring system with additional subsystems: seismic, meteo and piezometers, and will develop comprehensive software tool allowing in the future for automatic assessment of the geotechnical risk level of the motorway. The complexity of the task and the fact that it is a pioneering solution for is a particular challenge.