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The end of works on S-61 Stawiski – Szczuczyn


After more than two years of construction works, the Stawiski-Szczuczyn section of [...]

Complex Projekt initiates cooperation with Strabag


  The cooperation we undertook at the tender stage resulted in winning [...]

S-61 Suwałki-Budzisko with a decision on permission to implement a road investment


We are pleased to inform you that on 16 August 2021 the [...]

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Complex Projekt selected in the tender for monitoring the structure strengthening the ground of the A1 motorway

We were happy to learn about the selection of Complex Projekt for the implementation of a highly specialized contract, i.e. monitoring the construction work of structures strengthening the ground under the A1 motorway’s road frame, in the area of mining-induced damages and the geological fault at the Piekary Junction (the so-called Radzionkowski Fault). This task gives us the opportunity to deepen specialist knowledge and gain experience that we want to use in the future, in tasks related to monitoring the construction of building structures. While implementing the contract, our work will include: operation of a monitoring system consisting in fact of 4 subsystems (strain subsystem – examining ground strains through built-in tension rods, seismic subsystem – investigating ground vibrations, piezometers – examining groundwater level changes, weather stations – examining basic weather parameters) and a central database with software capable of automatic interpretation of measured physical quantities.
In the light of the fact that the cited section of the A1 motorway was made on the basis of our design documentation, the implementation of this task will give us invaluable knowledge of how the design solutions that we adopted years ago, which were unique on the global scale at the time, work out over time.